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Corporate High Tea Menu!


VegTiffin carries a choice of classic Indian beverages that are perfect for quenching both your thirst & nostalgia for the authentic flavours of India.
Refresh your senses with wide range of beverages of VegTiffin Tea, Coffee, Masala Tea, Ginger Tea, Green Tea, Mint Tea & wide variety of cold beverages and fresh juices of customers choice.


Believe it or not, these divine treats were born out of a kitchen experiment. Cookies are the real deal. These are the cookies that we love to eat all the time.
Treat yourself with our cookies menu, Oatmeal and Almond Cookie, Butter Cookie, Sugar Cookie, Coconut Cookie, Chocolate Chip Cookie, Ragi Cookie and Butter Crunch Cookie etc.


Sandwich, a popular snack & a wonderful snack to accompany Tea, because it is both filling & thirsty. The crispness of the bread & the juiciness of the filling contrast beautifully making this an even popular snack of High Tea.

Muffins & Cakes

At VegTiffin, we make a home based baking that specialize every High Tea menu of every individuals sweet tooth. Get cakes, confectionery, chocolateries or muffins all to satisfy your taste buds.