Our History

It’s fitting given that Dabbawala is a Hindi term for someone who picks up lunchboxes from a person’s home and delivers it to their office. The parcels themselves are a bit like a bento box collection of sundry dishes, but embedded with the comfort of domesticity and the irresistible scent of mystery. It’s also metaphoric as every dish at Dabbawala is surprising: unexpected texture, nuanced spice, an adherence to culture that tastes less like tradition and more like artwork.

VegTiffin is inspired by the Dabbawalas food delivery system in Mumbai, India. There, every day almost 5,000 dabbawalas deliver around 200,000 lunch boxes from mostly private kitchens to work places all over the megacity. This is a chain system of workers who work in the chain in order to deliver food at the exact time. You might wonder that in this type of chain management, errors are likely to happen. From starting this era of food chain along with technologies effort VegTiffin started its service throughout Singapore.

Our core service is based on Dabba delivery i.e. delivering home cooked food from our kitchen to your work place, home and student hostel. We operate VegTiffin from Central part of Singapore near payalebar to your place. It’s not as simple as it sounds, but we VegTiffin have our old ethics with hands of new technologies and set a remarkable milestone in delivering the food without any error, no matter what the circumstance be, you will get your food delivered on time.

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Our Food

Indian food is nothing short of mesmerizing. Unless it’s your indigenous food, there is something about the amalgam of spices, the methods of cooking and the ovens themselves that exudes exoticism.

Indian cuisine reflects a 5,000-year history of various cultures interacting with the subcontinent, leading to its diversity of flavours and regional cuisines.

The Northern Indian cuisine, which has been influenced by the Moguls, consists mainly of dishes and bread cooked in the clay oven (“tandoor”) and meats and vegetables slowly cooked in either tomato, onion, and groundnut based or vegetable based sauces, which are expertly seasoned according to the type of dish.The nostalgic Northern Indian dishes with an openness towards global techniques and influences and highlights distinctly Indian flavours.

The South Indian dishes has its own rich and unique flavors. By and large, South Indian cuisine is perhaps the hottest of all Indian food. The flavors of curry leaves, mustard, asafetida, pepper and peppercorns, tamarind, chillies and fenugreek seeds are the incredible choices makes your heart goes thy way of South Indian food.

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Our Services

Using creativity, determination and passion we have built a business synonymous with high quality, only serving food that people enjoy. Being extremely concerned with the quality of great food we only serve fresh, seasonal and delicious meals; food that gets people’s taste buds dancing.

VegTiffin has stepped into serving people in just one or other way and now emerged and spread its wings to service in all means. Here are our valuable services.

The need for home made food and flavors of our mothers cook is immeasurable. In VegTiffin we offer Tiffin services to the Students, Customer & Corporate customers with most care of hygiene & fresh cooked vegetables and spices of our origin with no added flavors or colors, where we attract you with taste not by look.

Corporate High Tea Service is ideal for corporates, startups, art galleries, colleges and anywhere. VegTiffin High Tea is unique with its menu, which is different from cliche always makes you to choose over and over us.

VegTiffin is a boutique caterer who takes your events with a passionate heart and a spirit of excellence. Whether an intimate dinner or a large scale catering event, VegTiffin menus are crafted in-house reflect the elegance and diversity of Eastern and Western cuisines, from canapes to buffet spreads.

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