We deliver home style Indian Food for student at an economical rates for Dinner Tiffin, in microwavable boxes at your college / hostel doorsteps. We promise to tickle your taste-buds by having different menu every day.

Students Tiffin

Students Tiffin Service
Minimum order – 10 boxes

*However if you have orders below 10 boxes please call our hotline to check the deliver possibility in your location

How weekly subscription works?

Ex: if you need to place an order with us for one week dinner You can call us on hotline number 87666546 and once your order is confirmed you can enjoy the meal at a special weekly subscription of $30 per week (Mon to Fri) The payment for that week will be collected in advance.


For non weekly subscriptions: $7 per box

For weekly subscriptions: $6 per box.

“So, why wait?? Gather your friends and call us on (+65 87666546) to place your orders with us to enjoy the home style healthy food which is economical as well”

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